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Collection of Good examples

introduction to the survey



Good Governance in Grassroots Sport project and GGGS collection of good examples


Good Governance in Grassroots Sport (GGGS) project is a transnational project that increases organizational capacity for good governance by focusing on transparency, accountability, democracy and inclusion of stakeholders, particularly in grassroots sport.


One of the project objectives is increasing the evidence and knowledge base for good governance in grassroots sport in Europe by collecting and validating good practices/solutions to challenges posed to good governance in European Grassroots sport.

We plan to establish a web platform for project generated knowledge and exchange and for a database of good governance examples.


The purpose of this survey/questionnaire is to identify good examples and learning elements that can serve as a source of inspiration, knowledge and guidelines for politicians and organizations. The collection of good examples will pave the way for future development in the field of good governance in grassroots sport. For the individual organization or institution, the collection will present an excellent opportunity for external validation of their governance and initiatives, as well as added value to their respective donors and stakeholder organizations.


Below you will find both open-ended and closed questions aimed at exploring good practices in good governance that took place in your organization (or in your members’ organizations or in an organization that you know at national and local level) within the last 10 years. We are looking for good examples on the local, regional, national or international level. We invite you as project partner to find organizations / institutions / municipalities with good examples and work with them “hand in hand” to fill in the questionnaire. Following each questions we kindly ask you to list any important supporting documents relevant to your response.



The survey is divided in 2 parts:



  • 1st part is a general survey that will show the organization’s general approach to governance in sport
  • 2nd part has more concrete questions, questions that are asking for a concrete good example on good governance in sport, an example that will be part of the Collection of good practices/solutions to challenges posed to good governance in European grassroots sport



The results of this survey will be used for the Good practise collection, design of the project education modules, and ultimately implementation of Good Governance in Grassroots sport in Europe.



What is GGGS good example?


A good example is a project/program/activity that includes substantial and well-documented proof of success and that has had an impact and/or has successfully met its program objectives, that it can be transferred to or replicated in different contexts.


Particularly, a good example will be evaluated against the following four dimensions:



  • Mission - There are clear goals and a shared understanding of long term objectives.
  • Consistency - Values are internalised through the establishment, communication and re-enforcement of routines and procedures
  • Involvement - Participation is promoted by providing stakeholder input into decision making.
  • Adaptability – Agility is encouraged by emphasising and responding to changing needs in the external environment.


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