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Youth on the MOVE learning platform to be launched in February

The Youth on the MOVE project learning platform for young European and Latin American volunteers in grassroots sport will be officially launched on 17 of February.


Divided into online and offline training, the project, supported by the EU’s Erasmus+ Youth programme, will train 77 young people across Europe and Latin America to become MOVE Agents on both continents.


Over the past few months, the collaborating project partners – ISCA, SESC, UBAE and V4Sport – have been working on the content of the online training modules, covering topics such as proactivity, sustainable activation, event management, sustainable partnerships and human resource management.


Designed for each topic to last around 3 weeks, the training modules will allow the participants to receive theoretical knowledge from experts, get practical assignments and be tested on what they have learned.


The online platform developed will bring together all of the participants and offer them access to multimedia materials and resources such as videos, presentations, webinars and an opportunity to connect with each other to exchange experiences and ideas.


Who are the participants?

An open call was sent out at the end of 2015 with the aim of finding young enthusiastic individuals willing to learn more about how to organise events and campaigns promoting physical activity and healthy lifestyles. All together 30 participants from European countries and 47 from Latin American countries were chosen. They represent 20 different countries and nationalities linked to 46 organisations, institutions and governmental bodies in the field of sport, healthy lifestyle.


What’s happening in the next months?

On 17 February, the training programme will be officially launched, followed, on 29 February, by the online platform that will be open to the participants.


Participants from Latin America will first meet for the offline training held from 17 to 21 February in Bertioga, Brazil, kindly hosted by SESC Bertioga. The online training will then start on 29 February for all participants from Latin America and Europe. Participants from Europe will finally meet up afterwards from the 8 to 12 June in Barcelona, Spain, kindly hosted by UBAE.


By Monika Rešetar, ISCA