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We need ambitious visions for increasing physical activity

by Mogens Kirkeby



We know the challenge. We know that multi-sector approach and commitments are needed to create motivation for change and impact. We have to act upon this challenge and knowledge!


Governments, corporate sector and civil society need to align around ambitious visions for increased physical activity.


The challenge of inactive lifestyle is far too big for one single sector. However, if the major stakeholders from the various sectors align, collaborate on the innovation of solutions and contribute to the implementation from our respective positions, we have a chance to succeed in reversing global inactivity trends.


In a European context we have proposed the vision of ”100 million more citizens to be active in sport and physical activity by 2020”. Today 40 % of 500 Million European Union citizens are regularly physically active. However, in the most physically active countries the share of citizens who are regularly physical active is as high as 60%. It should be a shared vision to close this gap by increasing the number of active citizens significantly.


As an example of cross sector collaboration, we have together with partners initiated the Now We Move Campaign. The Now We Move Campaign flagship event is the MOVE WEEK -  the first week of October gathering more than 1200 events taking place in 34 countries across Europe. The massive response and support from local and national stakeholders was very encouraging and we would be happy to discuss and explore how the NowWeMove Campaign can support even more local and national initiatives.


The Coca-Cola Europe initiative ”TogetherWeMove” provides a platform for inspiration and advice to deliver programmes with impact and long-term success. At the same time it illustrates an openness from a major brand and company to learn from other sectors.

That is one fine interpretation of ”do what you do best” while assisting others to become better. This initiative is very much appreciated.



About TogetherWeMove

The first Coca Cola TogetherWeMove event is taking place in London between 23rd – 24th October 2013. Spread across two days, Together We Move will bring together Active Lifestyles experts, academics, coaches and other partners from across Europe in a pioneering thought leadership event.

Combining a mixture of inspirational speakers, panel discussions, workshops and programme insights.

The goals of TogetherWeMove event:


  • To provide content and advice for attendees to help improve their programmes to deliver long-term success.
  • To allow Coca-Cola to learn and gain insights from attendees to inform its strategy moving forward.
  • To inspire everyone