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"Ready, steady, go!" is the inter-associative project promoted by UISP which brings to light, one year after its launching, the need to push children and youngsters to become more physically active. "Sedentarity and some bad nutritional behaviours are increasing: we need to fight such negative social trends with courage and winning proposals", said Filippo Fossati, Uisp National President, during the press conference which took place in Rome on Thursday July, 12.


"We have started to do that in ten cities and the results tell us we have to go on this way. More activity means more health, more urban areas torn away from the decay, more economical growth. “Ready, steady, go!” is exactly this, it means to think about a better future for the children of today and the society of tomorrow ". Fossati underlines the example of the cities of Naples and Genova where, thanks to the project, two abandoned area, in Ponticelli and in Sestri Levante, have been recovered.

Which is the picture of nowadays children?

They spend their free time in closed spaces (60%), eat in front of the tv (39%) and their indifference towards sports activities is increasing (38% compared to the 26% of 2011). These are some of the most alarming data which came out from the Ipsos research on children and youngsters life styles in Italy, publicly introduced in Rome on Thurdsay July, 12. The research results came one year after the launching of the "Ready, steady, go!" project, promoted by Save, the Children and Kraft Foods Foundation, realised in cooperation with Uisp and Csi, based on interventions of promotion of healthy life style and correct nutrition, in ten Italian cities.


The research has been carried out on a sample of 700 youngsters from 6 to 17 years old, together with their parents. Among the most critical aspects, the lack of movement, with the 68% of the sample walking less than 30 minutes per day and the 41% (an increase of 3 percentage points compared to 2011) who always uses the car to move. Moreover, the 19% does not practice any physical activity during the free time, determining an increase of one percentage point compared to 2011. The percentage increases up to 24% in the South of Italy and in the Islands, with peaks of the 37% in Naples and of the 33% in Sassari (Sardinia).

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