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On 7 and 8 February, the S2A Sport partners met at Werkgevers in de Sport (WOS) in Papendal, Netherlands, to further shape the theoretical framework of a new training course for sports administrators that will be piloted in Finland in September.


S2A Sport is a 30-month EU-supported project aiming to modernise existing training programmes and equip staff working or volunteering as sport administrators with the right skills, and in turn to contribute to building the capacity and effectiveness of sport organisations across Europe.


The objective of the meeting was to sign off a Functional Map of skills attributed to sports administrators and develop a Competence Framework (also known as Occupational Standards) that describes and guides their work. Future steps of the project will involve developing the course Curriculum and Handbook, and implementing the pilot course as well as a Final conference, with the venue yet to be confirmed.


A call will soon be made for applications to join the pilot course in Finland, to test and contribute to the final outputs of the project.


If you are interested in knowing more about the project, please feel free to contact the team at EOSE, the S2A Sport project lead.


To read the full article by EOSE, please click here

Sport Administration includes the processes and/or activities of running an organisation operating within the sport sector at local, regional, national and European levels. It includes skills and competencies that enable both paid staff and volunteers to coordinate, manage, market, organise and deliver sport in accordance with the purpose and direction of the organisation.