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Putting innovative activities on the National Plan

With an effective concept that has proven to be transferrable to other target groups and an advocacy strategy that is leaving a strong imprint on Romanian national policy, the Interethnic Cup Bukovina is one of the MOVE project’s shining best practice examples.


The Interethnic Cup Bukovina is an annual multi-activity event giving ethnic minorities in the Bukovina region and surrounding areas in Romania, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova the opportunity to participate in sports and traditional cultural activities together. The emphasis is on fair play and cultural understanding between these diverse groups. The event had been running for almost 10 years before the Romanian Sport for All Association proposed that it take on a new direction as a MOVE pilot project.


The MOVE project allowed the event to expand by introducing customised activities for new target groups including young people from disadvantaged and former industrial areas, young people from single-parent or low income families who are doing well at school, young people in prison or probation services, and immigrants living in special residency centres.


On the back of successful results in 2013, the Romanian Sport for All Association is now seeking more partners, sponsors, volunteers and political support for the event in 2014.


“We have already had a meeting with the Ministry of Justice to include this activity in the national plan and develop the activity in other facilities for prisoners. We’ve had the same discussion with the refugee centre,” the Romanian Sport for All Association’s Director, Mihai Androhovici said at the MOVE Congress 2013.


By Rachel Payne, ISCA