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Presenting the new-look ISCA Annual Report for 2019

Today is a big day for the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA). Not only are we celebrating our 25th birthday, but we are also ready to present to you our new-look Annual Report for the year 2019.


The original idea of ISCA's founders was to unite the voices and organisations who believe in the power of recreational sport and physical activity. We still believe in this ‘power of the people’, and enabling the human right to access sport and physical activity is still our mission.


For 25 years we have delivered solutions to our members and the sport sector. These solutions help civil society organisations to develop as organisations and continue to be able to deliver attractive and motivating programmes to individuals and communities.


We have shared ideas across borders and cultures. We have invented new tools, new campaigns and new concepts. All to promote and improve the sport sector and ultimately increase citizens’ participation in recreational sport and physical activity.


We highlight the solutions, campaigns and advocacy efforts we delivered together with our members and partners in 2019.


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