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NowWeMOVE websites and coverage reached millions in 2015: Get your No Elevators Day and MOVE Week events noticed this May

As the NowWeMOVE campaign continues to expand its year-round calendar of events, its online coverage and reach is rapidly following suit, with over 1.1 million people visiting a NowWeMOVE website and over 1700 traditional online articles being published on one or more of the campaign’s activities in 2015.

Fresh reports from our digital and media monitoring experts suggest that it is becoming more likely for people browsing the web to encounter a NowWeMOVE related ad, article or social media post, with the potential reach of these ads and mentions ranging from 50 to 100 million. While it is notoriously difficult to measure online reach, these estimates being no exception, the figures indicate that NowWeMOVE events and activities are becoming more and more visible in Europe and beyond.


Become a MOVE Agent and get your event noticed

Can a MOVE Agent benefit from the NowWeMOVE campaign’s increasing exposure? Absolutely. That’s because MOVE Agents are the ones who make NowWeMOVE events happen. They can be individuals, organisations, schools, companies, local authorities or services and other interested stakeholders who want to help people in their communities become more active. The stories about their events can inspire others to do similar things in their communities. When they tell these stories, to the NowWeMOVE’s communications team or to their local media, they are spreading this inspiration beyond their communities – and potentially beyond their national borders. That’s because the NowWeMOVE campaign is a pan-European movement.


So many of the 1726 traditional online articles about the NowWeMOVE campaign and the 3522 total mentions across traditional and social media platforms are the result of MOVE Agents telling their stories about what they have done to support the NowWeMOVE campaign. NowWeMOVE events attracted attention in 30 European countries, with the most mentions being counted in Bulgaria (653), Greece (561), Turkey (449) and the UK (441).


No Elevators Day and MOVE Week are perfect opportunities

May 2016 presents two big opportunities to organise a NowWeMOVE campaign event.


1. No Elevators Day (13 May 2016)

Your event can be as simple as sealing off the elevator in your office building on 13 May to promote No Elevators Day. Last year volunteers in 60 cities and 21 countries across Europe made a social media splash by sticking No Elevators Day tape and stickers in locations ranging from hotels to metro stations to office blocks, and European politicians also pledged their support by taking the stairs on the day.


Find out more about No Elevators Day here


2. MOVE Week (23-29 May 2016)

The possibilities are endless with MOVE Week happening from 23-29 May. MOVE Week events can include open door or “try-it” days at local clubs, walking events, fun runs, bike tours, street sport events, school sports events, company activities, activities organised for hard-to-reach groups – the possibilities are only limited to our imaginations! The size of the event can also vary – from small events organised by local groups, to bigger community events, to large-scale city events. MOVE Week is about having fun and finding your MOVE. As long as the event gets people active then it is eligible to be part of MOVE Week.


Find out how you can organise and register your MOVE Week event here


Don’t forget to register your events!


Check out the NowWeMOVE campaign website for more event ideas throughout the year and use our free PR templates and other resources to get your event noticed!