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MOVE Week press releases available

MOVE Week starts on 7 October

Around 250,000 puffing and sweating Europeans will celebrate Europe’s biggest sport and physical activity event in the first week of October. A European organisation based in Denmark is leading the way to encourage 100 million more Europeans to become physically active by 2020.


Forget smoking and alcohol. More and more health experts are concluding that physical inactivity poses the greatest health risk to Europeans in the future. That is why the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA) has kick-started a movement to get 100 million more Europeans to take up regular physical activity by 2020.


Up to 1000 different events are now expected to be held in more than 30 European countries during MOVE Week from 7-13 October, with millions of Europeans running, dancing, cycling, skating, jumping and juggling their way through the continent’s biggest sport and physical activity event. MOVE Week showcases how collaboration across several sectors (including sport, education, urban planning, transport and the media) can ensure that citizens have access to plenty of opportunities to become physically active.


The European Commission’s survey series, Eurobarometer, has documented how strikingly disproportionate physical activity levels are around Europe. For example, while Danes are among the most physically active, only 18% of Bulgarians participate in sport or another form of exercise regularly. It is this growing gap between nations that has prompted the European Commission to pledge € 1 million in support of MOVE Week in 2013.


More than 500 volunteers are helping to coordinate MOVE Week events across Europe and a number of large European organisations have come on board to promote and stage events.

For more information about MOVE Week, please contact Tommy Kristoffersen by email [email protected] or mobile +45 30 25 78 76




Mogens Kirkeby, President of the International Sport and Culture Association:

“The benefits of recreational sport and physical inactivity are well documented. We need ambitious visions, collaboration and commitments from the major players in several sectors. MOVE Week is a unique opportunity for all Europeans to start moving together.”


Morten Løkkegaard, Danish MEP:

“The lack of physical activity among Europeans is alarming. MOVE Week is an excellent way to leverage physical activity onto the political agenda. It’s all about getting as many people as possible to put on their running shoes and get involved.”



Physical inactivity among European citizens is a bigger threat to public health than smoking.

Two out of three Europeans over 15 years of age do not meet the recommended amount of 30 minutes exercise per day.


Physical inactivity is estimated to contribute to 2 million deaths per year in Europe, or 10% of the total death rate.


MOVE Week, taking place between 7-13 October this year, is the flagship event of the NowWeMove Campaign MOVE Week was tested in 2012 and was officially launched in 2013 in partnership with the European Cyclists’ Federation and Eurosport. 500 MOVE Agents across Europe have registered to plan and implement activities in over 30 different countries and 1000 events are expected to take place during the week.


ISCA is a global platform open to organisations working within the field of sport and physical activity. Established in 1995, ISCA is now a global actor closely cooperating with its 130 member organisations, international NGOs and public and private sector stakeholders. Its 40 million individual members from 65 countries represent a diverse group of people active within youth, sport and cultural activities.



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