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MOVE Week Gym workouts schedule takes shape

We are happy to invite you to join in celebration of the 9th MOVE Week which is set to take place from 25-31 May. One of the key features this year is the MOVE Week Gym - seven days of live workouts provided by ISCA members and MOVE Agents.


Thanks to enthusiasts from Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Poland, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Serbia, Slovenia, Uruguay and Turkey, we are happy to invite you to join us in MOVE Week Gym workouts. Here’s the schedule of events that have already been confirmed:


Monday 25 May

8:00 - Yoga with Corynne Cerdas (Costa Rica/Denmark)

11:00 - Office workout with Bratislava Ristic (Serbia)

19:00 - Circuit training with Iván Alcalá (Spain)


Tuesday 26 May

8:00 - Movements to relax the body and mind with Ilaria Nobili (Italy)

11:00 - Cardio Workout with Miredda Câmpean (Romania)

19:00 - Dryland swimming with Alejandro Alvarez (Spain)


Wednesday 27 May

8:00 - “Mobility for life” with Jose Ricardo Oviedo (Costa Rica)

11:00 - Home and office table training for mobility and flexibility with Zoia (Bulgaria)

19:00 - Capoeira Conditioning Workout with Emilian Moncea (Romania)


Thursday 28 May

8:00 - Contemporary pilates with Jakob Kapus (Slovenia)

11:00 - Home/Office workout with Ibrahim Arikan (Turkey)

19:00 - Conditioning Workout based on Contemporary Dance with Sofia Eberl (Uruguay)


Friday 29 May

8:00 - GRIT Training with Tamar van der Veen (The Netherlands)

11:00 - Bokwa fitness & Standing pilates with Sevil Uludağ (Turkey)

19:00 - Training with a partner/friend with Jorge Gutiérrez and Andres Cerdas (Costa Rica)


Saturday 30 May

9:00 - Morning workout with Ömer Durmaz (Turkey)

11:00 - Family workout with Piotr Sitkowski (Poland)

17:00 - Fun activities for seniors and adults with Fabian Otte (Germany)


Sunday 31 May

9:00 - Energetic dance workout with Inés Morell (Spain)

11:00 - Family workout with Julita Ilczyszyn (Poland)

17:00 - Closing event with Laska Nenova (Bulgaria)


You can attend the workouts via the live streams on: