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The most comprehensive good practices collection in the field of physical activity promotion in socially disadvantaged groups in Europe!

This is indeed what the MOVE project is aiming for.
Launched a year ago through a dedicated website, the call for good practices in promoting physical activity in socially disadvantaged groups recently came to an end. It is now time for us to make the best out of it.
As you may know, organizations and institutions working in diverse fields such as health, physical activity and sport, citizenship and urban planning, among others, were invited earlier this year to submit descriptions of projects and initiatives aimed at socially disadvantaged groups.
The response has been overwhelmingly positive: more than 160 project cases have been collected from organizations in Europe and elsewhere (see the map below)!





The first phase of the project has laid a solid and promising foundation for the following stages of the project.
It is now time for ISCA to officially express its warm thanks to the many contributing organisations in Europe and elsewhere that took time out of their busy agendas to ârticipate in the call.
Let us specifically “sportlight” three organizations which deserve special mention. Indeed they submitted the highest number of projects to the MOVE collection: Street Games (United Kingdom) with 8 projects submitted, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (known as DGI) with 7 projects submitted and South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture submitted (United Kingdom) which submitted 6 projects.
Cooperation is also about recognition and therefore ISCA will reward each organization on this “top three” list with a prize of a two day trip, all expenses paid, to visit another ISCA member or organisation of their own choice in Europe. These trips shall therefore encourage more exchange and be a start for some new collaboration. Congratulations to Street Games, Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations and South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture!!!
As for the second phase of the project and from now on, we will focus on working towards the promotion of this collection of good practices.
To do so, the MOVE partners foresee the following next steps:
  • Evaluation of the collected project cases.
  • Drafting a handbook and guidelines on physical activity promotion in socially disadvantaged groups.
These tools shall help us to raise the potential and numbers of these specific activities throughout Europe.
They will also provide the basis for the implementation of pilot projects by 15 Collaborating Partners in the MOVE project.
To plan the process, the Associate and Collaborating Partners behind the MOVE project will participate in a two-day workshop aimed at identifying the key factors to transfer good practices or good practice elements. The meeting will take place on 17-18 September 2012 in Erlangen, Germany. Part of the meeting will also be dedicated to a midterm evaluation session in order to take stock of the progresses made so far.
We will of course keep you updated!


Visit the weMOVEyou website for more information about the MOVE Project, click here>>>.