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Mkombozi: safe haven for children living on the streets reveals their sports and creative potential

Mkombozi is an organisation operating in Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions of northern Tanzania which works with street children and those at risk of migrating to the street. It recognises and supports their mental and emotional health, in addition to offering basic services and responding to physical needs. Mkombozi believes it is important to enhance children’s self-esteem because it helps them to grow in mind, body and spirit and reveal their creative and intellectual potential.


All of Mkombozi's current sport, education and mentoring programmes are intended to build children’s resilience and to develop their unique, personal strengths, its sports coordinator, Simon Nyembe says:

“Mkombozi’s psycho-social support services are scaled up with an emphasis on resilience building practices, such as group therapy, and opportunities for children to discover their talents through arts, sports and education. When children are having fun and being creative, they respond and participate more fully. As such, we provide opportunities for children to develop a wide range of skills such as, drumming, acrobatics, drama, gardening, art and sports.”


To mention one activity in particular, it was not long ago since Nyembe, who studied at the Ollerup International Academy of Physical Education in 1999, delivered a 3-day long rugby coaching course in cooperation with Bhubesi Pride, an organisation that unites African children through rugby.


In addition to this event, every last Saturday of the month is dedicated to Jioni ya Msanii (Evening of the Artist), a performance organised by children to demonstrate their musical and acting talents. This evening of entertainment and art is regularly attended by approximately 300 community members.


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