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ISCA welcomes 33 new members

The ISCA General Assembly on 5 November 2015 ratified 33 new membership applications and saw ISCA, as an international umbrella association for grassroots sport organisations, surpassing the symbolic threshold of 200 to reach 217 member associations representing all continents.


We count now in our ranks 14 new members from Europe, 14 from Africa, 3 from the Asia/Middle East/Oceania Region, 1 from the Latin America/Central America/Caribbean region and 1 from North America.


From Africa, we welcome:

Panathlon Club Universite Bejaia PCU, from Algeria


Association Sportive Travailliste du Cameroun, from Cameroon

Association Culture, Sports et Loisirs, from Cameroon

Marindi United Football Club, from Kenya

Mala Youth Soccer Group, from Kenya

Association Maroc Oriental pour développement humain, from Morocco

Christian Outreach Justice Mission Sierra Leone, from Sierra Leone

Soccer Elite Technical Academy, from South Africa

Planet Social Development, from Tanzania

Songdehs Football Academy, from The Gambia

Youth Sport Uganda, from Uganda

New Hope Waves-Zambia, from Zambia

Unicorn Girls Sports Academy, from Zimbabwe


From Europe, we welcome:

Youth Sport Trust, from England

AEGEE-Heraklio, from Greece

The Federation of Irish Sport, from Ireland

Waterford Institute of Technology (Dept of Health Sport and Exercise Science and Centre for Health Behaviour Research), from Ireland

ASD La Gagliarda, from Italy

Lunga Vita Attiva, from Italy

Independent Organization of Sport Education in Kosovo, from Kosovo

Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency, from Macedonia

Together Advancing Common Trust, from Macedonia

Association for development initiatives GEOSTRATEGIC INSTITUTE GLOBAL, from Macedonia

Foundation for Physical Activity and Health Sport Support, from Poland

Dunare.EDU, from Romania

World Muay Federation, from Switzerland

More Access Group Activities London International, from United Kingdom


From the Asia/Middle East/Oceania region, we welcome:

School Sport Program at Tatweer Education Holding Company, from Saudi Arabia

Tomo Federation of Mixed Martial Art, from India

Koc Toplulugu Spor Kulubu (Koc Group Sports Club), from Turkey



From the Latin America/Central America/Caribbean region, we welcome:

Centre d'Entrainement aux Méthodes d'Education Active en Haiti, from Haiti


From North America, we welcome:

Golf Forever, from the United States of America


Distribution of the 217 ISCA members:

Europe: represents 48%, 105 members

Asia/Middle East/Oceania: 19%, 40 members

Africa: 16%, 34 members

Latin America/Central America/Caribbean: 13%, 29 members

North America: 4%, 9 members


Download the minutes of the 2015 ISCA General Assembly below.


ISCA General Assembly 2015 minutes (PDF, 0.44 MB)