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ISCA to cooperate with education service in Colombia

ISCA and Colombia’s National Service of Learning (SENA) have signed an agreement to work together on a series of topics in the future. The agreement will pave the way for transfers of knowledge and technical expertise between ISCA, SENA and their associated partners and members. SENA is the leading public education service in Colombia with 122 training centres around the country and over 7 million students, including international students who use their virtual training platforms.


Negotiations are already underway between ISCA and SENA initially to establish a scholarship programme for Colombians to travel to Denmark to gain inspiration and skills at the Ollerup International Academy of Physical Education. The agreement would also facilitate Brazilian gymnastics experts to travel to Colombia to train physical education teachers. Other technological and knowledge transfers are also being carried out in collaboration with ISCA members ParticipACTION in Canada and DGI in Denmark. New facility management programmes are also likely to be established through the partnership.


ISCA Executive Member Liliana Ortiz de la Cruz from Colombia says she looks forward to the opportunities the agreement will bring for ISCA, SENA and her fellow citizens.

“I believe that we will all benefit from the viability and ease of making alliances with several countries around the world under the umbrella of this agreement,” she says.


“SENA offers a very large network nationwide with offices in almost all the cities of Colombia. This network presents an agile and efficient way to disseminate the philosophy of ISCA through programmes and campaigns we undertake together. Another goal we have is to consolidate a model of knowledge and expertise by applying the teachings we receive from other countries to our own reality.”


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