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ISCA supports new European Parliament Stairs Health Campaign

Photo: MEP Hannu Takkula, ALDE, challenged ISCA Secretary General in a different way of using the stairs in 2017.


ISCA supports a new Stairs Health Campaign being launched at the European Parliament today, “Take the First Step – Use the Stairs”. The initiative aims to engage MEPs and staff in stair-climbing challenges on 16 staircases around the parliament building in Brussels.


The President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani and Slovak MEP Vladimír Maňka, Quaestor of the European Parliament, will open the campaign at 13:55 and the Stair Challenge will begin at 14:40. The challenge will be on across the European Parliament, Commission and Council, in the form of a competition between the MEPs, their assistants and other EU staff. It will be done in an interactive way, through a mobile phone application, a series of motivational posters and QR codes placed along the stairs for staff to register staircases climbed.


The stair-climbing action will continue in the European Parliament over the coming months, and ISCA is looking forward to celebrating No Elevators Day in the parliament again on 25 April. An announcement about No Elevators Day will also be made at the public launch today.


If you missed the MEPs climbing, doing push-ups and racing each other on the stairs in 2015 and 2017, check out our videos below and look out for us at the European Parliament on 25 April!


No Elevators Day in European Parliament 2017


ISCA at European Parliament 2015


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