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ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby turns 50

ISCA celebrates its President’s 50th birthday and recognises the man who gave its organisation a boost with his international outlook and political drive.



Only a few have succeeded in creating international awareness of grassroots sport in a media landscape that is characterised by sports results, doping and match-fixing.


Mogens Kirkeby is one of them.


As President of the International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), Mogens has been integral to the development and promotion of the vision to get “100 million more physically active Europeans in 2020” – and has succeeded in generating political support for the vision from both European Commission and the European Parliament as a whole.


Mogens has had an international outlook throughout his career, which started at the Danish Red Cross. With a Master of Science within Recreational Sport Management and Political Science, an undergraduate background in recreational sport and international experience to his credit, he acquired the position as ISCA’s Secretary General in 1998. Over the next 10 years he managed to create an operational organisation that produced several international projects and achieved significant political clout.


In 2007 he was nominated by ISCA’s Danish member organisation, the Danish Gymnastics and Sports Associations (DGI), for the post of President at ISCA. Since being elected he has taken on a driven politically active role that has recently resulted in embarking on the vision to get 100 million more Europeans to take up physical activity as part of the long-term NowWeMove campaign, which is being rolled out across Europe in 2013.