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ISCA moves in the air and all over the world

Last year ISCA bought 372 flights for its member organisations, stakeholders and staff, counting up to 1285 travel days.


“In other words, every day of the year on average, two people take a trip out or return with the aim of MOVING people," ISCA's Secretary General Jacob Schouenborg says.


“And this is just the number of flights that ISCA has booked centrally. Add to this the travels by ISCA members themselves, for instance to the MOVE Congress, and you will see that ISCA really puts action behind the intention to bring people together to learn and be inspired to MOVE even more people.”


Speaking of travelling, the year of 2014 was dedicated to the MOVE Congress in Rome, the kick-off meeting for MOVE Week National Coordinators and the ACTIVE Network project’s closing conference in Birmingham, advocacy activities in Brussels, and other aspects of the NowWeMOVE campaign, such as MOVE Quality and MOVE Transfer.


With 180 member organisations from 74 countries representing about 40 million people from 5 continents, ISCA operates within time and space as effectively as possible to fulfil its mission.


We hope 2015 will bring even more amazing figures!


By Jana Stehlikova