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ISCA comment regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

ISCA understands the severity and urgency of the situation with the coronavirus pandemic worldwide. We acknowledge that drastic measures are needed to address the situation, and we remain at disposal to support the critical health and safety measures and precautions that are needed and advised by public and health authorities.


At the same time, we underline the need to ensure that physical activity levels are maintained as much as possible, even in this crisis. Physical activity has positive contribution to a healthy immune system. Physical activity can improve mental health and reduce stress. Physical activity is a natural part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Health authorities in Europe and worldwide are recommending or requesting social distancing as a means to hinder or slow down the spread of the virus.


Against this background, ISCA will continue its promotion of health-enhancing physical activities in the weeks ahead. We will adapt our communications and campaigns, including the No Elevators Day and the MOVE Week, to focus on activities that can be performed indoors at home or outdoors at a safe social distance. We remain committed to the social and inclusive benefits of physical activities and grassroots sport, but acknowledge that these aspects cannot be promoted in the current situation.


We respect the hardship that countries and citizens are going through in these weeks and months, and understand that physical activity is not a direct remedy. At the same time, physical activity may contribute to our overall wellbeing, sense of positivity and long term health, and we believe a key contribution from ISCA is to continue promoting this, even in times of hardship. This is what we will do.


ISCA. Moving People.

Photo: Avrielle Suleiman (unsplash)