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Interview with ISCA Development Director Kai Troll on Boardroom blog

Photo: Kai Troll presents the NowWeMOVE campaign in Abu Dhabi.


ISCA’s Development Director Kai Troll draws from his extensive experience working in the NGO sector in a new interview published on the Boardroom blog. Kai joined ISCA in 2015 after having worked for organisations such as the International Diabetes Federation and the Special Olympics, and is also the Chairman and Director of Best Buddies Europe, Middle East and Africa.


In the interview Kai shares his perspectives on developments in association management, current challenges facing associations, the importance of education in our sector and the evolving characteristics and needs of members.


“One interesting question to ask these days is what makes one being a ‘member’ of an association or a network?” Kai asks.


“What’s the definition of a ‘member’ for an organisation? What is indeed the value added for an organisation by becoming a member? I believe that we will see a lot of change in how organisations define ‘membership’ in the next years to come.”


You can read the full interview here