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International Workshop for Instructors of Parents and Children calls for presentations

ISCA member the Czech Sokol Organisation is calling for organisations, institutions and individuals to present or participate in its 2016 International Workshop for Instructors of Parents and Children (PaCH 2016). Submit your ideas for keynote or short presentations, practical lessons or poster presentations by 8 April 2016 by filling in the online form here.


More information from Czech Sokol Organisation:


International Workshop for the Instructors of Parents and Children, Pre-school Children (PaCH 2016)

Dates: November 11–13 2016

Venue: Prague, Czech Republic


Children are the future of our communities, so we have to take care of them by contributing to their quality of life. ISCA member Czech Sokol Organization is doing just that by organizing the International Workshop for Instructors of Parents and Children.


PaCH represents an initiative to give preschool children and their parents the opportunity to be physically active in a safe and welcoming environment and the workshop will promote this with practical workshops supported by theoretical lectures.


What is PaCH 2016?

An occasion where you can find an inspiration or share your experience with physical activities and sports for the target group of parents and children and pre-school children (PaCH), both in a practical and theoretical way.


A place where you can find other instructors and experts with similar passion for coaching and motivating children to physical activity. You can taste the atmosphere from PaCH 2014 here.


PaCH 2016 themes

  • The use of untraditional and innovative materials during the exercise of parents and children, pre-school children.
  • How to motivate preschoolers to use recyclable materials during PE lessons


Do you want to take an active part in PaCH 2016?

We are offering organisations, institutions or individuals the possibility to actively participate in the program of PaCH 2016 in a following ways:


As a keynote speaker (lecture max 50 min) at the plenary session, or with a short presentation (max 25 min), which is connected to the main theme of the workshop.

If you are interested in presentation of your experience, findings, results of your research etc., please, send a brief abstract of your lecture and short resume.


By leading a sample lessons during parallel workshops.

If you wish to actively participate in practical lectures, please, send the description of your sample lesson, rough content and equipment needed.


By presenting your projects or activities on a poster in a poster section.

If you wish to informally communicate your organization or individual projects or activities during breaks, (from demonstrations, mini workshops, research presentations, representations of organisation, topics that attract strong audience feedback/interaction and, of course, topics connected to the main theme), please, send the description of your poster.


You will find more detailed information about active participation in this Call for input or download the PDF below


PaCH 2016 Call for Input (PDF, 0.28 MB)