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IMPALA project to host HEPA summer school in Finland

The EU-supported IMPALA project, led by the Institute of Sport Science and Sport at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, is hosting a Summer School for Stakeholders in Finland from 16-20 May 2016. ISCA is a partner in the project, which is building on the IMPALA guidelines and European HEPA policies.


The University of Jyväskylä, Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, Department of Sport Sciences invites international and national sport organisations, experts and stakeholders interested in active city planning, physical activities, neighbourhood sport facilities and infrastructure development to come to the capital of Central Finland. From 16 – 20 May 2016 the “Summer School for Stakeholders” will be held within the premises of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä, Keskussairaalantie 4 in 40014 Jyväskylä, Finland. By coming to Jyväskylä you have the possibility to meet many international experts, sport organisations, lecturers and stakeholders from all over Europe.


Hereby the idea of IMPALA and the HEPA (health-enhancing physical activity)-programme shall be promoted by this conference. It is the aim to disseminate the valuable information presented during this week in order to give all participants a good knowledge to understand the a) EU physical activity guidelines, b) the focus of the European sport policy, c) HEPA policy, d) IMPALA guidelines and f) the European policy for sport facilities, especially regarding neighbourhood sport facilities. The latter one includes various viewpoints about such facilities, namely a) physical, b) social, c) functional, d) psychological and experienced, e) administrative (management, decision making) and f) economic (staff-based) aspects. It is the idea to position international, national, regional and local sport organisations and stakeholders as the leading promoters of HEPA through sport capacity development. The participation will make you stronger to actually adapt the integral goal of the project, the dissemination and realisation of a national action plan, which is directly related to the IMPALA guidelines and other HEPA-oriented infrastructure development actions.


Visiting sport organisations and experts from other countries shall help you to act as leaders in infrastructure development for HEPA and sport promotion through capacity building. Building national alliances of potential partners and stakeholders on the national level can help to build a successful infrastructure development and develop a national action plan to foster neighbourhood sport facilities in your own country. It shall be tried to bridge the vertical gap between high-level policy for sport and infrastructure development and the horizontal gaps between multiple sectors committed to HEPA promotion through national alliances. Such alliances can mediate the transfer process and foster a successful integration of high level policy into grassroots actions. By taking specific examples from different European countries it shall be attempted to learn from each other. Various problems shall be named and discussed and possible solutions to overcome such obstacles shall be found.


The participation fee for the entire conference week is 200 €. The fee includes access to all lectures and workshops. Additionally, it covers lunch and coffee at the university, three evening dinners, a welcome bag, the social activity programme and an electronic book of the IMPALA-project. The application deadline is 30th April 2016. There are 13 open spots to be handed to the potential applicants. There might be a possibility for more open spots available during the next weeks.


Please check the webpage for the schedule of the conference, more news and updates:


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The IMPALA project is funded by the European Commission, Executive Agency for Health and Consumers, Grant Agreement No. 2008 12 08.