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Hybrid format for World Leisure Congress in China

Following the official decision from World Leisure Organization to move the dates of the World Leisure Congress in Pinggu (Beijing, China) from October 2020 to 15-21 April 2021, it has now been announced that the event will be held in a hybrid format (online/offline).


ISCA will join the World Leisure Congress with MOVE Transfer Europe-China project participants (55 grassroots sport leaders from 23 countries). Among these participants, 13 have submitted, and had accepted, abstracts to present at the event. The abstract deadline has been extended to 30 October 2020.


It is not yet confirmed whether ISCA’s MOVE Transfer project managers and partners will attend the event in-person or online. This will be determined over the following months, keeping a close eye on the pandemic developments and national/international restrictions.


The option to attend the World Leisure Congress is one of the professional development and exchange opportunities offered as part of ISCA’s MOVE Transfer Europe-China mobilities project, which is supported by the EU. This time last year, the Chinese and European partners met in person in Budapest during the MOVE Congress to kick off the project.


Since October 2019 in Budapest, the partners have had to move their knowledge exchange and coordination meetings online, including an international conference in June.


The World Leisure Congress in Pinggu is the next opportunity for the partners to meet in-person, if they are able to do so.


The MOVE Transfer Europe-China project has been extended into 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


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