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Prepare to show your workplace the easiest way to exercise every day


On the count of three, get ready to join the third No Elevators Day! On Wednesday, 26 April, we encourage everyone to choose the stairs instead of elevators and demonstrate how easy is to be active every day.


No Elevators Day is a perfect opportunity to break the mid-week fatigue. Participating organisations around Europe will seal off their escalators and elevators for one day and reroute the people towards the stairs.


Since 2015, No Elevators Day events have been organised in twenty different countries around Europe. Initiated by ISCA, the No Elevators Day movement has already attracted over 325,000 participants fellow stair-climbers. Join us and step up for the cause of Movement.


How can you participate?


Step 1: Start the change!

Plan your No Elevators Day event using one of our toolkits, which are available here. You can find sealable elevators and escalators anywhere, from your workplace to shopping malls. Reroute the way from the elevators to the stairs, using banners, stickers, badges. Climb the stairs and encourage your co-workers, friends, fellow citizens to do the same.


Step 2: Be the change!

Support our Thunderclap, register your event here and share it using the #NoElevatorsDay and #NowWeTakeTheStairs hashtags. The wider the reach, the better!


Join our Movement and spread the word!


Feel free to contact us at [email protected] for further information and remember, small steps make big differences!


All No Elevators Day activities title should be voluntary and take into consideration accessibility requirements for people with disabilities and medical conditions or those who are not willing to participate.