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Full speed ahead for Latin America's MOVE calendar in the coming months

The end of the year will find our Latin America members in their most active season. As winter arrives in Europe, ISCA will be moving people, and inspiring more to move others, in the southern hemisphere. With the hard work of SESC Sao Paulo, as coordinator and organiser, there are two main events we need to highlight in our calendar before getting into the Christmas mood.


Between 19-27 November, the Latin America edition of the MOVE Week, Semana Muévela, will be taking place all over the continent. With “MOVEDORES” activating their communities, SESC is expecting to move people in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay, and get more participants than ever before celebrating the most active week of the year in Latin America.


Following this event, the Youth on the MOVE closing conference will take place parallel to the MOVE Brasil National Conference. Using Sesc Pompéia’s facilities in Sao Paulo, 7-10 December will be dedicated to an evaluation of the MOVE Brasil campaign, which has been running since 2013, and ISCA’s Youth on the MOVE project. More than 250 participants are expected to take part in the seminars and debates, discussing topics such as the “Organisation of sport events and campaigns”, “International networks” and “Methods of Fundraising”.


The Youth on the MOVE project, which ran an on-line and off-line training programme simultaneously in Latin America and Europe this year, will be presenting some of their success stories from both sides of the ocean, as well as gathering all stakeholders to evaluate the success and challenges of the youth programme.


For more information about the events coming up in Latin America, please contact the ISCA secretariat in Latin America or Pedro Bellini at [email protected]



Youth on the MOVE is supported by the EU's Erasmus+ KA2 programme – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, Capacity building in the field of Youth. Youth on the MOVE partners: