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French MOVE Agent: “MOVE Week is a great opportunity for us”

Maxime Lethu will be a MOVE Agent for the second year.


“Two years ago I organised an introduction to gymnastics during lunch breaks for a commercial centre’s employees. They realised they could do a physical activity that it is not necessarily hard and that you don’t need to sweat or need a shower to feel good afterwards,” he says.


Two years have passed, the event is different as well as the scale, but the goal is the same. On 12 and 13 September 2015, the 8th edition of “Raid Nature Caffino” will take place in the village of Pont Caffino. To Maxime, registering this existing event as a MOVE Week event was important:


“If, by our actions, we can support a European movement, it’s great. Sport is not just about winning or competition, it’s first of all about having fun and meeting people.”


The two-day rally, organised by VT-Trail Chateau Thebaud, a local association, in partnership with UFOLEP44, a local French network of sport associations where Maxime works, will be open to everyone – adults, children and families – regardless of their level. Different activities will be on offer.


The 29-year-old running enthusiast who runs “20km a week in two or three sessions” knows how important the MOVE Week is to his organisation:


“It is a great opportunity for us. It helps to promote our associations, what we do and gives people the chance to get to know different physical activities and to get together.”


Find out more about the event at the MOVE Week France or VT-Trail websites


By Jerome Guiraud

Photo: UFOLEP44