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Fitness against doping survey

Fitness against doping - survey results now available!


ISCA is a dissemination partner in the Fitness Against Doping project (FAD), which is lead by the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA).

The FAD project began in January this year with desk research into existing evidence of doping practices and policies for elite and amateur sport - which includes fitness. Furthermore, this summer, between July and August, it surveyed over 10,300 consumers/practitioners, exercise professionals and club/facility managers from nine European countries - the largest research of its kind so far. As well as gathering demographics, the survey focused on three particular areas: PIEDs (Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs), societal-based drugs (often called recreational drugs), and food supplements.


Preliminary results of the survey have now been collated and are presented in the FAD interim report.
This interim report will now be used for consultation and further investigation. The FAD final report and recommendations will be presented in February/March  2012.


You can read more about the project and the report here: