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#FindYourMile and let’s re-engage in physical activity in spite of Covid-19!

By ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby.


The pandemic has changed our view of the world, and for good reason. Governments have taken the responsibility to limit the consequences of the outbreak. But as vaccines are being distributed across Europe, it is high time to look at things from a broader perspective: What consequences are restricted opportunities to be physically active under the lockdowns having for our mental, physical and social health?


ISCA wants to promote a strong focus on physical activity and grassroots sport as we rebound from the pandemic. And we believe the time is now! Even while restrictions are still in place in many countries, we are keen to send the important signal that physical activity should be at the top of our minds and political agendas. Let’s celebrate the opportunities we have to enjoy being active, for our physical, social and mental health!


This is why ISCA is happy to announce our brand new European Mile campaign. It is a new, ISCA-developed event concept that supports organisers in staging running or walking events all over Europe, which are accessible to all (the mile distance = 1.6 kilometres). More than 1000 events will take place during 2021, with the main celebration on 5 June 2021, collectively celebrating the joy of MOVING in spite of Covid-19.


Boosted by the efforts of our strong network of partners, NowWeMOVE National Coordinators and local MOVE Agents, we will make a push for recreational and healthy physical activities for all to be part of governments’ rebuilding strategies in 2021 and beyond. And YOU can take part in these efforts too! Organise a European Mile event, be active yourself by joining in one of the European Mile events, and donate your miles to our bigger European cause to get more Europeans active!


The time is now.


Visit the official European mile website