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Danish SFA committee presents report

The Danish Sport for All Committee Conclusions (PDF, 0.19 MB)

Danish Sport for All committee conclusions now available in English

The Danes are one of the most physical active populations in Europe and further more the number of volunteers in the sport sector in Denmark are twice as high as the EU average. In 2007 the Danish government established a Sport for All committee to analyze the current trends of the Sport for All sector. The conclusions of the study are now available in English.

Target groups and life phases

The study analyzes the different population groups and their recreational sports and life phases. The conclusion is that each recreational sports and life phases has its special and to some extend unique demands for activities, facilities and availability. The recreational sports and life phases studied are:


1. Children ('the dependents'): Focus on good sports environments,
2. Teenagers ('the independents'): Maintaining their interest in sports through more social, fun and flexible sports opportunities
3. Adults (the 'free I‐phase, before family obligations'): Greater focus on flexible sports opportunities
4. Adults (parents): More sports opportunities for the entire family.
5. Middle‐aged (the 'free II‐phase'): Opportunities tailored for those unaccustomed to sports
6. Seniors: More visible opportunities

The Danish Sport for All Committee Conclusions (PDF, 0.19 MB)