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Change starts from the bottom up: Become a MOVE Agent and join Europe's biggest physical activity event

In past decades we discovered smoking was one of the biggest threats to public health. Now we know there is even bigger threat - lack of physical activity. About 2/3 of European population do not meet the recommended amount of physical activity. As a consequence physical inactivity contributes to 1 million deaths in Europe. Europe has to get moving again!


To get Europe moving we started the NowWeMOVE campaign, which invites all sectors to work together to get 100 million more Europeans physically active by 2020. When the NowWeMOVE campaign started in 2012, it established MOVE Week as its flagship event. It called for MOVE Agents to organise events in their communities and register them on the official website to celebrate the collective impact they were having in their own countries and as a combined European movement. The numbers were impressive: 250 MOVE Agents organised 120 events in 23 countries attracting 140,000 participants. In 2013 they were even better: 600 MOVE Agents, 1259 events, 30 countries and 500,000 participants.


In 2014 they went through the roof: 2350 MOVE Agents, 5601 events, 38 countries and 1 million participants! And 2015 is expected to be even bigger.


Become and MOVE Agent and join in Europe's biggest community sport and physical activity event - MOVE Week - this September. Follow the links below and find out when MOVE Week is happening in your country.


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