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Active Senior Seminar // Great Success

SANTE Seminar "Active Seniors" in Scotland - 30.8. to 1.9.2010

Like hardly another topic “Aging” has moved into the focus of political and public interest. It’s not any longer necessary to explain the reasons. The dramatic demographic changes or the steadily increasing life expectancy has been mentioned and underlined with impressive figures. Can you imagine that half of the women, now 40 years old, will become 100 years old? (As the German Centre of Age Research forecasted!)


The SANTE Seminar Active Seniors, organized by ISCA and hosted by SALSC from Scotland attracted more than 50 project managers and political leaders from SANTE partners Associations, as organisations and individuals with interest and experience in health-enhancing physical activity for seniors, health professionals who deal with sport as a means to strengthen and maintain health.


A knowledge how to encourage and support senior population to take responsibility for their own health was shared during the Seminar and it secured a common understanding of the current situation on seniors in Europe, including statistics, barriers and opportunities for improving their physical activity level.


SANTE Seminar was excellent networking opportunities and a programme gave structured program and possibilities for bi- and trilateral in depth discussions.


Many sport organisations have just started to be engaged seriously with sport programs for older adults; they make the new picture of aging the basis for their concepts and strategies!


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