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ACTIVE Network calls for good partnership examples

ISCA and it partners in the ACTIVE Network project are currently putting together the ACTIVE Network Collection of Good Examples, which recognises outstanding partnerships between municipalities and sport organisations. The Collection began with best practice examples from the ACTIVE Network project partners' collaborative efforts. Ten of these partnerships were awarded at the MOVE Congress in Barcelona this October.


Now we are seeking to add more best practice examples to the Collection. If your organisation or municipality has been working in this type of cross-sector partnership, and you would like to contribute to the collection, you are welcome to complete our ACTIVE Network Collection of Good Examples questionnaire.


Sport organisations and municipalities that demonstrate their good examples in the questionnaire will receive:


• An invitation to the ACTIVE Network Closing Conference in June 2014

• A certificate that celebrates and supports continuous improvement for partnerships between municipalities and sport organisations.

• Featured on the ACTIVE Network webpage and in the ACTIVE Network on-line Manual

• With your permission, your partnership will be signposted to other sport organisations and local authorities as a model of good practice in partnership


Click here to access the questionnaire


What is ACTIVE Network Good Example?

A best/good example is a partnership that includes substantial and well-documented proof of success and that has had an impact and/or has successfully met its program objectives, that it can be transferred to or replicated in different contexts.

In order to contribute to the Collection of Good Examples, we ask you to demonstrate that you have met the criteria below which illustrate your competencies in this area. ISCA will base their assessment criteria on existing identified good practice and evidence.


ACTIVE Network Good Example criteria



• partnership has clear startegic goals

• partnership has clear direction that guide all partners involved

• partnership has long-term goals/startegy



• partnership has set procedures for managing educating and training volunteers

• partnership create positive working environment in the local community

• partners are focused on meeting the increased quality demands from citizens/customers/members



• partnership in focused on the development of public/private relationship

• partnership set a long-term funding strategy in the community

• partnership measure sport`s impact on the economy, quality of life, social development, education

• partnership is working on social marketing


About the ACTIVE Network project

The ACTIVE Network project has brought municipalities and sport organisations together to look at effective partnerships and highlight best practices in partnerships working towards the promotion of sport for all. It is the first project that the EU (2012 Preparatory Action in the field of sport) has ever funded of this size working specifically with municipalities and sports organisations. The project has run for over one year now and will draw to a close in May 2014. Its aims are to draw attention to the importance of partnership working between sport for all organisations and municipalities, build networks to identify, develop and promote best practice, and recognise and reward good partnership working practice.


Read more about the ACTIVE Network project here.


For more information please contact:


Tiina Kiislar

ISCA Youth Officer

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Saska Benedicic Tomat

ISCA Head of project

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The ACTIVE Network project is receiving support from the European Commission, Education and Culture DG, under the “2012 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport”.