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8th MOVE Week begins with over 900 events registered across Europe

This week is MOVE Week – and thanks to the incredible motivation of our National Coordinators and MOVE Agents across Europe, there are over 900 events happening from Albania to the United Kingdom from 27 May to 2 June.


Event organisers (MOVE Agents) in Italy have registered the most events this year, with 214, followed by Slovenia with 174, Turkey with 114 and Iceland with 100. Nineteen countries have officially registered events on the website


Highlights of MOVE Week 2019 include:


Bulgaria: MOVE Week is an official part and the biggest event of the Plovdiv 2019 Capital of Culture, and will be full of workshops, come-and-try activities, pop-up parks, MOVE Weekend, art and cultural exhibitions and much more!


Italy: Events are happening all over the country including walks and urban trekking for people of all ages, team sports such as football (pictured below), basketball and volleyball, plus horse riding, Zumba, yoga and cycling tours.


Latvia: Latvia has combined Latvian Health Week with MOVE Week and is promoting both initiatives with the help of Olympian Arni Rumbeniek.


Spain: The most dedicated MOVE Agents in Spain range from the youngest to the oldest members of the community, with schools in Madrid devoting the whole week to activities that focus on movement and elderly fitness groups being the most keen participants in Eurofitness centres in Barcelona.


Turkey: Turkish ministers bike to work in Izmir in celebration of MOVE Week and NowWeBike (pictured below).


Since ISCA established MOVE Week in 2012 as the flagship event of the NowWeMOVE campaign, the week has been an annual celebration of people finding their MOVE and enjoying all types of sports and activities for free. The dedication of MOVE Agents to stage MOVE Week events every year has created a bottom-up movement and has connected people across the continent with a similar interest in MOVING People.


MOVE Week is part of a year-round calendar of NowWeMOVE events, which this year includes No Elevators Day and the EU-supported Open Streets Day. The vision of the NowWeMOVE campaign is for 100,000 more Europeans to be active by 2020.


The event has grown to Latin America, where a record 12.5 million people participated in 15 countries. The next MOVE Week Latin America (Semana Move and Semana Muévela) will take place on 22-30 September.


Find more events at the official website - there could be one happening near you!