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276 grassroots sports experts move at Congress opening

The City of Barcelona, UBAE, eurofitness, CESS and ISCA have welcomed 276 grassroots sports organisations from over 40 countries to the MOVE Congress 2013. With so many stakeholders in the sector gathered in one place, local Catalonian politicians and executives, Xavier Amador, Rafael Nuibò, Montserrat Mas and Toni Llop, and ISCA President Mogens Kirkeby put one key question to the audience in their opening addresses: In times of economical change, how can we take opportunities to adapt to this change?


Kirkeby urged the delegates to look at the person next to them to uncover new ways to revitalise the sector and risk trying new approaches.


“For sure, the best idea you have not yet discovered is sitting next to you in this room. They may be your next partner,” he said.


A warm welcome was extended to the delegation from the Congress hosts. Their talks confirmed and reminded those present that to ensure opportunities for mass sport participation, we need constant cooperation between partners to address the evolution of sport participation trends.


Barcelona is a city with a strong sporting history. Over 1 million people in Barcelona take part in some form of sport or physical activity each week and are supported by 100,000 volunteers. To facilitate this, partners need to work together and keep this movement going in the right direction, Toni Llop, President of CESS urged.


“I would like to ask you all for just one commitment. We have introduced three key words: changes, opportunities, innovations. So I ask you, please find your opportunity to innovate and change the grassroots sport sector together.”


By Rachel Payne and Katie Couchman, ISCA