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ISCA is open to youth, sports and culture associations from all over the world - primarily non-governmental organisations - working within the area of "Sport and Culture for All".


Generally speaking, voluntary sport organisations are value-based service organisations to their members. The practical reality is for the organisations to assist the members and regions/clubs in fulfilling their aims in providing the members with services and instruments to do this. The international interest of the sports organisations’ members today demands that international opportunities are provided too.


Indeed, organisations have an interest in developing. Organisational development and inspiration are the basis for fulfilling the goals of the organisation in the long run.


Most national “Sport for All” organisations do not have national partner organisations where direct inspiration and knowledge can be effectively transferred. In many cases, the reason for each organisation’s existence is that they are different from other organisations in the same country. Therefore, it is fundamental for organisations to have a big network and contacts and to act and co-operate with partner organisations in the same field, not least internationally.