Good Governance in Grassroots Sport Vester Voldgade 100, 2, DK-1552 Copenhagen, Denmark +45 29 48 55 51 /



overall objective

To increase the capacity of non-governmental grassroots sport organizations in Europe to govern in a transparent and accountable way.

specific objectives

1) To increase the evidence - and knowledge base for good governance in grassroots sport in Europe; by

• Researching, compiling and disseminating existing principles of good governance in European grassroots sport.

• Collecting and valorizing good practices/solutions to challenges posed to good governance in European Grassroots sport.


2) To build capacities in key national non-governmental grassroots sport organizations though   targeted learning opportunities; by

• Designing and implementing a sustainable, state-of-the-art European non-formal education for “Good Governance in Grassroots Sport”, targeting organizational top leaders, and based on the results from the above mentioned evidence- and knowledge base.


3) To increase awareness and outreach on good governance to a broad target group in grassroots sport; by

• Testing and providing a consultancy function for grassroots sport organizations on good governance.

• Using 2 international events and several communication channels for the discussion of, networking for and dissemination of principles of good governance in European grassroots sport with key stakeholders.