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Kick-off meeting

The Kick-off meeting will officially launch GGGS, where project partners together will discuss the project’s vision and objectives and agree upon a specific action plan.

Training 1, 2, 3

Designing and implementing a sustainable, state-of-the-art European non-formal education for “Good Governance in Grassroots Sport”, project is targeting organizational top leaders.


The project will develop and deliver a unique education programme targeted specifically for grassroots sport and with a combination of high-level experts (Council of Europe, University of Cassino,Transparency International, City Mayors), site visits, and peer-lead learning.


The 3 x 3 days of training during project period will also have pre- and post online learning modules as well as specific preparation requirements and personalized follow-up/coaching of learners afterwards.


The target group is top leaders in grassroots sport organisations (board members or directors/top managers), and the maximum group size is set at 20 per edition to ensure maximum interaction and peer learning dynamics.

Workshop 1, 2

We will use 2 international events and several communication channels for the discussion  and networking  of principles of good governance in European grassroots sport with key stakeholders.


The project will deliver open, targeted workshops in connection to the SPORTVISION2012 - Sport Conference of the Danish EU presidency 2012 (19. – 20.3.2012) as well as the EU Sport Forum 2012 in Cyprus (satellite event, expected 19-20 September 2012).


The project partners’ collective expertise will be offered for consultations of grassroots sport organizations on specific issues of governance within the project remit. Consultations can be in writing, by teleconference, or by physical visits. The consultancy function will take a pro-active approach to identify existing challenges that can be addressed.

Principles of good governance

The project will carry out a desk research to document and compile the existing body of knowledge when it comes to good governance of the grassroots sport sector. While several principles of good governance are of a generic or universal nature, this project will further “translate” these principles into practical every day use with specific relevance for grassroots sport, including concrete examples.

Collection of GGGS Good examples

Through a search via partners and partners’ networks as well as via an online questionnaire, the project will collect 50+ good practices of governance in relation to the project topics.


These will be both on local and national level, and will be described in a short standardized format, with links and possibilities for further reading/information. Both good practices and examples of crisis to learn from will be collected.