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UBAE; Spain

Contact Person

  • Toni Llop


1. What is the meaning of Grassroots sport for you?

    Grassroots sport organisation are those which are worried by the practice of non professional sports. The activities organised are based on the community level, including all ages and both genders, and could be organise under the umbrella of sport federations or not. Normally financed by households and public funds.



    2. How do you define Good governance as general concept? (see also the draft definitions in the seperate file) How do you define Good Governance when referred to the Grassroots sport?

      It's the process  introduced in the organisations with the goal to show their economical transparency. On another hand, the good governance in sport organisations should be interpretated as the way to introduce sustainable projects, and follow the legal framework and rules of the areas (countries, regions...) they are working


      3. What are your organisations' priorities and main principles in good governance in grassroots sport ?

        • Economical transaperancy
        • Legal framework accomplishment
        • Sustainable projects (long term strategy) -  Not only in enviromental care


        4. What kind of skills and experiences should »board members – political leaders in sport« have to meet the requirements and principles of  Good Governance?

          • Some management knowledge;  or be advised by professional staff
          • Capability to lead a Strategy
          • Capability to close alliances
          • Be updated about the "market" (citizens behaviour adults, children, sport activities...)