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Sports Union of Slovenia

Contact Person

  • Jani Ovsenik
  • Rado Cvetek


1. What is the meaning of Grassroots sport for you?

    Grassroots sport should't be private owned (sponsored or funded yes!) but must be public opened for all citizens who want to practice, exercise or perform 'sport' activities.


    2. How do you define Good governance as general concept? (see also the draft definitions in the seperate file) How do you define Good Governance when referred to the Grassroots sport?

      Good governance is a concept where all the participants in achieving planned goals, targets,... are transparently informed about reached milestones, potential risk waiting and how to manage it. Implementation of Good Governance to the Grassroots sport should not be different as above mentioned.


      3. What are your organisations' priorities and main principles in good governance in grassroots sport ?

        Clearly defined goals which all participants understand in the same way (as well they participate in their creation) are basis for measuring and leading team to achieve them.


        4. What kind of skills and experiences should »board members – political leaders in sport« have to meet the requirements and principles of  Good Governance?

          Firstly they should understand what sport for all means and represents and they need to create vision, define goals, select strategy and implement it. They need skills which are no different than one in business environment – topics which are presented in Bussiness schools could be good background.