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Special Olympics E/E, Belgium

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  • Marian Murphy


1. What is the meaning of Grassroots sport for you?

    Special Olympics Grassroots is wide access to sports for public at all levels, without any discrimination, mainly for school children and youngsters that will drive sports in the future. Also important for older generation and their participation.


    Most of Special Olympics sports trainings and competitions are organized based on schools and community infrastructure and open for those who can't have an access to professional facilities.
    Grassroots - is breaking the financial barriers and encourage regular sports activities. 

    2. How do you define Good governance as general concept? (see also the draft definitions in the seperate file) How do you define Good Governance when referred to the Grassroots sport?

      Governance is the board's legal authority to exercise power and authority over an organisation on behalf of the community it serves.


      3. What are your organisations' priorities and main principles in good governance in grassroots sport ?

        • Mission driven
        • Structured
        • Consistancy
        • Accountability
        • Transparency
        • Strategic direction
        • Fiduciary obligations
        • Engaged
        • Integrity.





        4. What kind of skills and experiences should »board members – political leaders in sport« have to meet the requirements and principles of  Good Governance?

          Diverse range of skills among individual  Board members. Range of expertise to cover Special Olympics sports and non sports initiatives; Need ethnic and gender diversity

          Expert in areas such as sport, finance, legal, strategic planning, marketing, communications, government relations, education, representative of clients (athletes).