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Romanian Sport for All Association, Romania

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  • Aurelia Suciu
  • Mihai Androhovici


1. What is the meaning of Grassroots sport for you?

    Grassroots is a complex of activities based on the free practice of physical exercise in a clean and safe environment, individually or in groups, organized or independent.


    2. How do you define Good governance as general concept? (see also the draft definitions in the seperate file). How do you define Good Governance when referred to the Grassroots sport?

    Good Governance can be defined as the complex of all actions taken by members of the organization in order to carry out the objectives within the system. Referring to Grassroots sport Good Governance is closely related to the leadership and the management of the national sport for all system which is in continuous transformation, in search of the best management methods, with less risk for the national system.


    3. What are your organisations' priorities and main principles in good governance in grassroots sport ?



    • Clarification and improvement of organizational system;
    • Adequate funding of SFA area.
    • Creating a steady information and communication system, accessible and affordable both for population and stakeholders.
    • Encouraging physical activity practice, from the participation in organized to spontaneous activities, independent, in group or individual.
    • Increase the contribution to the development of selection for performance sport.




    • Democracy. This allows the development of a free system, without borders and limitations of concepts. By comparison with the communist system, this democratic principle will allow the entry of valuable members and leaders. They will bring an additional system of knowledge, ideas, and relationships.
    • Transparency. This principle is welcome from local organizations up to the national. In this way, every citizen will be better informed regarding the system function, the way in which public funds were spent, the developed activities.
    • Responsibility. From our point of view, the responsibility within organizations is the responsibility of all members. This includes everyone from staff to volunteer. If everyone does its job with consciousness, things will go well, for achieving the objectives.


    4. What kind of skills and experiences should »board members – political leaders in sport« have to meet the requirements and principles of  Good Governance?

    Skills and experience:


    • Management experience
    • Vision
    • Open-mindedness
    • Constant improvement desire
    • Becoming a good leader and manager means to go through all phases from volunteer to leader to know the system.