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Belfast City, Ireland

Contact Person

  • Frances Murray
  • Cormac McCann


1. What is the meaning of Grassroots sport for you?

To me Grassroots Sport is Sport and Physical Activity delivered at a local level by local volunteer coaches. The main target audience would be children and young people.


2. How do you define Good governance as general concept? (see also the draft definitions in the seperate file) How do you define Good Governance when referred to the Grassroots sport?

Good Governance very much relates to the areas as set out in the draft circulated. The one other area for which good governance is vital is Sustainability of programmes/clubs into the future. To get away from the concept of clubs that are here one day and gone the next.


3. What are your organisations' priorities and main principles in good governance in grassroots sport ?

The main priority of Belfast City Council is to help local people to develop well run sustainable clubs which will provide high quality opportunities for all citizens of the City to take part in Sport and Physical Activity.


4. What kind of skills and experiences should »board members – political leaders in sport« have to meet the requirements and principles of  Good Governance?

The skills required arer extensive, skills such as good listening skills, to have a good understanding of the needs of the communities with which these organisations work. Another area is the knowledge and understanding of financial matters  in areas such as accounting recording,reporting. The final vital is planning/reporting skills someone who can plan and articulate the long term aims and goals of all the organisation s involved.