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Defining and implementing a good governance is a long journey, one of those that require engagement, commitment and long term thinking and leadership, one of those you will never find a map or GPS to follow but one of those for which it is priceless to get a compass.

Indeed governance is a multidimensional and complex issue involving many key areas to think about: policy, people and process. Furthermore, the specific nature of grassroots sport means we need models of good governance that are relevant for our organisations and for our sector!


Yet true is those in charge of defining and implementing a good governance strategy, members of the board, are facing various dilemmas and challenges while running organisation. Focusing on these dilemmas and being aware of them is already part of thinking good governance.


That is the reason why the GGGS project has focused its Education Programme on the identification of dilemmas and challenges faced by organisations to invite participants to think again and reflect on the way they are governing. To launch the process ISCA highlighted some of the potential governance dilemmas during the kick off meeting (see some below)…you may have already faced one of them.

But most important for the project is the dilemmas and challenges we have been identifying together with GGGS partners and participants during the trainings.


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