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Study on the funding of grassroots sports in the EU


This study of three years on grassroots sports in the EU had five objectives:


  • Identify the key financing models for grassroots sport across the EU;
  • Analyze the impact of the legislative frameworks in place across the EU on the level of funding available for grassroots sports, and highlight any regulatory aspects that could give rise to Internal Market problems;
  • Analyze the sustainability of the various funding models;
  • Assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of different financing models, and identify the most efficient and sustainable models;
  • Draw, where appropriate, policy implications at EU level.


One of the main conclusions of the study is that, it is obvious that grassroots sport sector differs from other economic sectors, however it responds to economic forces just like any other sector. Funding is therefore one of the biggest challenge grassroots sport will have to face, regarding to the fragile state of public finance, demographic change, lack of infrastructures…


The first volume of the study is divided in two parts. The first one presents the key funding sources for sport in each Member State. The second part is focusing on the funding modes for grassroots sport on 6 disciplines in 8 Member States (Football, Basketball, Tennis, Gymnastics, Swimming, Track and field and Multi-sport clubs). The last part presents the conclusions.



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