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Grassroots governance: governance and the non-profit sector from the Certified general accountants of Ontario


This booklet has three objectives:


  • To help volunteers better understand their role in good governance.
  • To guide organizations in their desire to balance transparency and accountability.
  • To provide guidance to grassroots organizations as they grow and mature.


The authors want that this document to be helpful for all kind of non-profit organizations, small or big.


It focuses on different points:


  • Training of the volunteers, in order to keep them and to have competent volunteers.
  • Measuring success not only by money, but also via client satisfaction, decline in negative outcomes, volunteer hours… Grassroots organizations should not try to earn more and more money.
  • Grassroots growth: grassroots organizations grow when they serve a local need. But when they grow, they also have to face new challenges (more formal meetings, administrative pressure...).
  • In Canada, organizations can decide to incorporate the organization, in order to make easier to sign contracts, to realize transaction.
  • Choice of the type of Board.
  • Transparency and Accountability: for the authors, “Good governance is all about accountability, transparency and integrity”. There is a balance to find between matters that are confidential and matters that are secret.
  • Annual Meeting: key moment for the organization.
  • Money well spent: to ensure trust of public and stakeholders, money needs to be well spent.
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