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Voluntary Services Tutorial

Welcome to EuroVolNet Tutorial


Volunteering is a creator of human and social capital.

Volunteers help shape European society.

Volunteering is a journey of solidarity.


The Voluntary Services Tutorial is a leading resource of good practices which have been collected in the EuroVolNet project. The tutorial is designed to provide inspiration and motivation to national association political leaders and volunteer services managers by “collecting” the knowledge of the best practices in an easy accessible, cross-thematic way. The best practices of the EuroVolNet project is  documented in a grid of the project thematic, and in this way, you can have general methods within each theme presented, supplemented with best practices as further inspiration.



Jacob Schouenborg : ISCA Secretrary General

“It is my hope that this Tutorial will be a good addition to the opportunities that we try to develop in ISCA to the benefit of grassroots sport organizations. This way we can make volunteering an ongoing success story, or put in different terms: To build Volunteering for life!"



EuroVolNet project and Services Tutorial dimensions are:

• Recruitment of volunteers (system/strategy, methodology, tools, identification, contact making and agreement)

• Education and training for the target group

• Retention of volunteers on practical level (e.g. ongoing motivation tools such as organizing parties,

trips, learning opportunities, individual follow-up and thanks)

• Recognition of volunteers on public level (e.g. ceremonies, public recognition events, certificates,

prizes, media attention)

• Influence or contribute to laws, government policies or recommendations on volunteering

• Promotion of the social and economical value of volunteering

• Inclusion of disadvantaged or special target groups (disability, ethnic background, sexual orientation,

low socio-economic status, elderly etc.)

• Innovative partnerships and funding models