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The Platform of YOURCE

The background of YOURCE

Every year thousands of young people, whose interests are centred around mobility and interculturality, take part in international youth exchanges and youth cooperation projects. In the year 2007 79.876 youngsters from all over the Europe got the opportunity to actively participate in one of the international activities supported by the EU mobility programme Youth in Action.

Akzente Salzburg and another 17 partner organizations from all over the Europe have now pursued the objective to retain, on a long term basis, the numerous contacts, that the youngsters and their organizations establish at these intercultural projects, as well as to encourage these young people towards an ongoing active participation.

The goals of YOURCE

The goals of the platform are:
 - to share experiences, knowledge gained from the international youth projects
 - to stimulate a long-term active involvement of participants of international youth projects

This network shall seek to maintain the interest in other international activities, promote initiative and global thinking, enhance intercultural exchange, create a resource pool and facilitate orientation in international networks.

The elements of YOURCE

The three main elements of the community are:

Blogs - Each youth project gets its own blog. The participants of the youth project can contribute content (daily reports, stories, photos, movies and final reports) to this blog.

Printed album - At the end of the youth project the blog will be printed into a high quality album. This album will be distributed to all active participants.

Reward system - The reward system will encourage long active participation of the youth. They can earn points by contributing to the blogs and organization. For instance the more bog visitors they gain the more they will earn. The youth can exchange their points for free travelling, free language courses, free trainings and free seminars.

If you have further questions please contact ISCA office.

Download more information about YOURCE here (PDF, 3.59 MB)