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YOURCE CONFERENCE 16-21 October '07

The application process for the conference is now closed and the selection process for the up coming YOURCE conference has been finalised.


We were really happy to receive over 100 applications for this ISCA event. It was interesting to see an unexpectedly high number of male applications in comparison to female ones.


ISCA is looking forward to welcoming 50 participants from over 20 different countries to Copenhagen. The participants will gather to discuss the Open Source Youth Networking & Web 2.0 in Youth Work and Youth Volunteerism.


Important Change Of date

Please notice that the YOURCE conference has been moved from week 41 (9-14 october 2007) to week 42 (16-21 october 2007).

The ISCA´s conference “YOURCE - Open Source Youth Networking” is to be considered an innovative attempt at providing networking opportunities for the “next” generation of youth and of linking European NGOs with stakeholders of the modern development of Web 2.0 and open source.

The YOURCE network combines the basic need of individual inclusion with modern approaches to information exchange (i.e open source and web 2.0 technologies). The goal is to provide the most “open” and accessible youth network for the greatest number of participants.

The mission is to provide an “open source” youth network that embraces and empowers youth to increase personal and organizational capacity for social movement by engagement.

The conference will bring together the individual actors within the network, organizations engaging for the network and external stakeholders and experts contributing to the network. The launch of the interaction enabling website together with concrete developments of network´s activities during the conference will create the framework for network activies in the conferences´ following month.


The themes of the “YOURCE – Open Source Youth Networking” conference reflect the development process of the YOURCE project since October 2005 under the leadership of ISCA.

This process has included, since February 2007, 25 young people from 18 different European countries. This inclusion was achieved through a seminar held in Portugal in February 2007. The seminar participants have been engaged in a web-based follow-up process of networking and exchange with the use of modern information technologies.

  • Pan-European Youth Dialogue for real-life voluntary and social engagement
  • Open Source culture as an innovative tool for European NGOs and volunteers
  • Online networking (Web 2.0) for real-life interaction and social engagement
  • Online Activism and Real Life Activism as complementary movements

The YOURCE conference’s themes cover the needs of young peers who are voluntarily engaged and European NGOs working in the field of youth and society, while connecting the stakeholders of the current information technologies development, focusing here especially key personalities and organisations from the open source and web segment.

  • Initiation of a dialogue between experts in the open source and web field with modern NGOs working with and for youth and society
  • Knowledge transfer and experience exchange between individuals who represent the different dimensions (web, open-source and youth) of voluntary engagement
  • Knowledge transfer and experience exchange between individuals who represent the different dimensions (web, open-source and youth) of voluntary engagement Online Activism and Real Life Activism as complementary movements
  • Establish a network to enable further exchange and cooperation


The conference addresses young volunteers and the "classical" European NGOs behind these volunteers who reach youth and society through their work. On the "web" side amongst the participants are the voluntary stakeholders of Web 2.0 and the open source users such as organisations which promote open source software and collaboration concepts.


Activities of the "YOURCE - Open Source Youth Networking" conference advance the knowledge and information exchange between the addressed groups and involved individuals, following a modern approach by using non-formal education and exchange tools. The activities will create a stable basis for a network and further collaboration amongst the conference participants and represented organisations/networks.


For more information, please contact ISCA office

YOURCE Conference Invitation (PDF, 1.20 MB)



This project is supported by:

  • Danish Gymnastic and Sports Association DGI
  • Nordisk Samorganization for Ungdomsarbejde NSU
  • French sport for all federation UFOLEP
  • Romanian new media NGO D-Media
  • Portuguese social service provider INATEL
  • Luxembourgish non-formal education organization 4Motion