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YOURCE: The Concept

Networking for Social Change

“YOURCE” is an open source youth network that aims to develop an international community of people interested in youth work and volunteerism. This community connects its members on a web-based level while interacting through real-life activities and cooperation between members

Open Source

The core components of this value-based network are the principles of open source: to share knowledge and ideas while working together as a community on the further development of a single idea or whole project. This is expressed in YOURCE' code of conduct. The legal framework for the network's content is defined by alternative copyright licenses.

Network members are asked to contribute with their personal skills and talents: this means that every individual member is of great importance for the further development of the community. Every member has the same opportunities to participate in the network's development.

Web-Based ...

The platform will be accessible for all and enable the exchange of experiences, ideas, opinions and knowledge while including modern web community features like forums, private/instant messaging, buddy lists, web-logs, new media, and personal services relevant to network participation. These features will give members the opportunity to establish and develop contacts, share their voluntary work and life on the web and initiate activities and projects.

All the information will be accessible for both members and non-members and can be made read available in several languages, provided by members for others.

... And Real-Life

The knowledge shared and the people connected on a web-level hold an enormous potential for multiplying information and hereby qualifies youth. The network can function as a source to develop educational methods and tools. The highly motivated young people are the strength of YOURCE, as they transform their energy and ideas into real-life actions, projects and events.

Example of Network Activity Development

The community forum discusses problems faced by youth and volunteers. An example of it's use: A group of students interested in environmental issues get together on the YOURCE platform with a common goal, to start a project on recycling plastic bottles in their home city. Each member develops a network through which they engage in discussions, generate advice, ideas and skills contributing to their experience and knowledge. YOURCE provides the tools to discover project potential via discussions, method development and concluded actions. The member participation in YOURCE is realised through a seminar on environmental campaigns. The resulting seminar evolves by using the community to create social movement, action and change.

Partners of Network Development

The current development stage of this project requires that both internal (existing contacts, members, etc.) and external input is being solicited. Therefore, the partners of development can also be considered as stakeholders. Input is being sought from multiple perspectives including, but not limited to: NGOs, other organizations and networks in the field of youth and volunteerism, youth workers, IT related parties, ISCA staff and volunteers, funders and existing databases of ‘end users.

Next Steps

You are invited to consider how you could be involved in the development of the YOURCE network.  Possible next steps include:

  • Input and participation in the coming YOURCE Conference (October 16-21 2007, Denmark)

  • Direct input to ISCA staff on the concept development

  • Provide contacts for other interested persons, organizations and companies

  • Technical assistance for developing the web platform

  • Funding or sponsorship of the YOURCE network

In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the ISCA office with input, questions or requests for more information.

ISCA embraces its role as initiator of YOURCE and will support the development process with knowledge, experience and resources.

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