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You Build! We Build!

You Build! the ISCA Youth Network

In partnership with Czech member organization CASPV, ISCA organized the partnership building activity You Build! designed to support the structural expansion of ISCA’s youth network. The event took place from the 14th and 20th of November 2009 in Baldovec (Czech Republic), and was co-financed by the “Youth in Action” programme of the European Commission.

In previous ISCA Youth events, participants expressed the need to meet in a setting that will promote opportunities to create and implement common projects with a cross-organizational dimension. You Build! was set to fulfill this goal and to stress ISCA’s dedication to the development of young people.

The project officially started in Prague and continued in Baldovec, in a fabulous setting for indoor and outdoor activities. The agenda contained various activities focused on non-formal education and education through sport, facilitated by five trainers, including three ISCA staff members.

The group of participants was very diverse, containing representatives from a range of sport-for-All and Youth organizations from 12 countries, namely Denmark, Germany, Romania, Poland, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, Slovenia, Italy, Iceland, UK and Czech Republic. Participants were mostly youth leaders with experience and interest in national and international cooperation.

The seminar featured opportunities to learn more about different national activities and campaigns run and uncovered networking and cooperation opportunities. In this respect, one of the most important outcomes of You Build! consists in 5 draft projects that were developed during the working days. The project ideas were built on the themes that came out of the brainstorming and interest sessions implemented during an Open Space Technology workshop.

The energy and interest generated persists. Following-up on the “You Build!” seminar, almost all working groups decided to complete and submit applications of their respective project before 1st of February 2010 at different national agencies of the “Youth in Action” programme.

You Build! did not only involve hard work, but also strong emotions and relationships that were created. The free time was used for exciting initiatives by participants, like an intercultural evening and the most famous “Do-it-yourself-party”, when the participants combined the leisure activities with non-formal education.

Answering the question what You Build! meant for her, Megan Runciman from the Scottish ISCA member organization SALSC, expressed that “You build! was a life changing experience for me, it gave me the confidence and the knowledge to go and build projects in the future. It also gave me the opportunity to meet people I want to realize projects with and eventually be friends for life. So thank you, You Build!”

ISCA is committed to support the five projects that were “born” during this youth event and the ISCA Youth Network is now enriched with new people and new ideas.

Testimonials from You Build!

“First of all, I became more self-confident in my decision making process. I think that you, as a team, gave us a great opportunity to concentrate on building partnerships among people from different countries in order to create common project. It was very useful for me, as I am thinking about a professional career within project management. I am wondering how our project about healthy lifestyle will be continued in the future.”
Beata Zakrzewska, Poland

“Great opportunity to build a network and new ideas for projects.”
Jóhanna Magnúsdóttir, Iceland, UMFI

“You Build! was a unique chance to run a Youth-for-Youth ISCA event. I had the opportunity to meet people from different European youth, sport and culture organizations and share unique future plans.”
Jirka Panek, Czech Republic, Sokol

“You Build! gave me the chance to
discover a new world,
encounter various views and several backgrounds from every part of Europe,
learn and work, and share a common direction.”
Eleonora Maresca, Italy, FiAF

“At the beginning, you said You Build! Now it is over and I can say We Built! Thank you for the careful selection of builders, thank you for the shoe, thanks to everybody for teaching me 25 different ways of tying my shoelaces.”
Ioana Hudita, Romania

“Experience is everything and impossible is nothing! It describes perfectly what You Build! meant for me. Before You Build! I was thinking that I would like to engage in some new projects but at the same time I was questioning my experience and knowledge in the field. The seminar gave me confidence and today I'm just thinking that impossible is really nothing and that I just have to give a try.”
Eilika Trummar, Portugal

“You Build! was a great chance to meet people from all over Europe, maybe future partners for me and my organization. The exchange of experience between youth activists and organizations was really useful. I learned a lot about how international project work and how to access funds from European Union.”
Nejc Kovacic, Slovenia, SUS

“You Build! provided an opportunity to meet people with similar interests and set-up strong relationships to cooperate together in future.”
Jitka Lukasova, Czech Republic, CASPV

“In one sentence You Build! meant to me; an enriching week, both on professional and personal way!”
Isabelle Gemehl, Germany, DTJ