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ICD and social inclusion

ISCA Training Course "Intercultural dialogue and social inclusion through Sport"

The training course "Intercultural dialogue and social inclusion through Sport" was held from 11th to the 17th of July 2005 in Alantos-Lithuania. Our Lithuanian partner organisation NEMUNAS has helped us to facilitate the practical arrangements for the training.


The main aim of the training course was to discuss and demonstrate with participants the possibility how to overcome cultural, social, educational and other differences among young people with the use of sport as a tool for including them into society.


This topic was developed during the course by a set of various different activities: debates, small group discussions, lectures, workshops etc., but the main emphasis was put on practical knowledge and activities, which participants can use in their day-to-day work.


The project had 4 main aspects that were directly linked to intercultural learning and social inclusion:


·         The “Teambuilding” and as well “Identity & Culture Exercise” during which personal,

          cultural, educational and social differences of participants played a very important  



·         The second day of the training course has been “Intercultural Dialogue” the main

          topic, during this day aspects of individual identity, group identity, stereotyping,

          generalization and tools for intercultural dialogue was discussed.


·         The “Intercultural Evening”, during which all participants made a presentation about

          their country, organisation and typical aspects of their culture.


·         The discussion on “Social Inclusion” and games and other activities dedicated to

          this topic, during which a bridge was build between cultural differences,

          discrimination and strategies to create inclusive societies.